Understanding Different Markets: Ontario vs. Quebec

The cannabis  market in Canada looks vastly different in each province. From retail stores to products, what is offered in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec make these cannabis markets very different landscapes. Here are the key differences in determining what you can’t find in Quebec but are offered at each of our Buzzed Buds locations. 

Unlike the Ontario market with many different retailers, the Quebec market retail stores are operated under the SQDC; the Société québécoise du cannabis. Although there are many options available through the SQDC, there are restrictions on certain types of cannabis products that can be sold.

The major difference between the Ontario and Quebec cannabis markets is the limit on milligrams of THC that can be sold in a single product. For this reason, products containing THC higher than what is commonly found in cannabis flower are not available for sale in the province of Quebec.


Concentrates are a category of high THC extracts that are not sold or available for sale in Quebec. Resin, shatter, rosin, hash, and all other cannabis concentrates are a form of cannabis that allows for a stronger high. Consumed through dabbing with rigs and vapourizers, stop by Buzzed Buds cannabis in Ottawa’s Byward market to learn more about Concentrates and pick some up yourself!



Vaporizers are another category of cannabis products that is readily available in Ontario but not sold in Quebec. Vapes offer a much quick and easier way to indulge in cannabis compared to many other consumption methods. Due to vaporizer cartridges being of very high THC potency, with cartridges and pods ranging up to over 90%, they are unavailable in the province of Quebec. 

Stop by Buzzed Buds Ottawa and check out their wide variety of vapes.

Vapes and Cartridges


Edibles in the Quebec cannabis market are nearly nonexistent. With only healthier edible options available on the SQDC website such as infused beets, cauliflower and figs, the Ontario markets edible options are much sweeter. Delicious brownies, cookies, chocolates and gummies of all flavors are readily available in Ontario and always stocked at Buzzed Buds.


If you are interested in trying out high THC products but reside in Quebec, you’re in luck! Stop by Buzzed Buds in Ottawa’s byward market and talk to a knowledgeable budtender about our concentrate, vaporizer and edible options. Alternatively, you can visit Buzzed Buds online and place a pickup order for all your cannabis needs as we are a quick 5 minute drive from the Quebec city of Hull and a short 10 minute drive away from Gatineau. 




To consume cannabis in Ontario you must be over the age of 19.