Save the Bees

The Save the Bees Initiative strives to assist in contributing towards the survival of healthy bee populations. Through partnerships with bee preservations and environmental organizations, we aim to do the best we can to support initiatives focused on saving the bees.

Following recent news about the largest decline of bee populations in over 20 years with nearly half of Canada’s bee colonies not surviving the winter, we want to do our part to help support Canadian bees through collaborating with other eco-friendly partners who are reaching to achieve the same goals.

Pollinator Partnership

Pollinator Partnership is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems through conservation, education and research. Buzzed Buds is proud to announce an apparel partnership with unique branded merchandise with proceeds donated directly to Pollinator Partnership. 

In addition to donating proceeds of our Save the Bees apparel to Pollinator Partnership, we are looking towards promoting the population of common pollinating flowers. Stop by a buzzed buds location and talk to one of our staff members for more information on how and what kind of seeds are best for planting in your region!

We believe that the communities we serve are the backbone of our success, and we strive to develop safe and educational ways to offer our products and be of service to the neighborhoods we serve in. We seek to continue cultivating strong relationships with all of our community members, through eco-friendly ventures and more.

Join us in making a safer, sustainable place to live. Visit our Community Initiatives page to learn more about our partnerships towards saving the bees or stop by our Pickering, Uxbridge, Woodview and Ottawa locations to purchase our save the bees apparel.




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