Most Popular Weed Vapes 2022

We have a huge selection of 510 carts, pax pods and batteries, so we wanted to narrow down our favorite vapes and carts in 2022. Weed vapes are a great way to enjoy a variety of cannabis strains with their convenience and quick onsetting effects. Whether 510 cartridges or pax pods, below you can find our staff’s favorite picks for all vape options!

Our Top Indica Dominant Vapes

Watermelon Z by Tenzo

Made of solventless extracts and terpenes, Watermelon Z is a great strain available in 510 cartridges. With THC ranging between 81%-87%, Tenzo’s Watermelon Z is an Indica forward strain that carries a sweet fruity flavour of pink lemonade and bubble gum.

Strawnana by General Admission

Strawnana is a popular strain favourited by all vape users who give it a try! With THC levels between 86%-92%, this strong Indica dominant strain is packed full of fruity tropical banana flavours with a peppery spice.

Our Top Sativa Dominant Vapes

Lemon Pepper by Purple Hills

If you are looking for a flavourful Sativa cartridge look no further! This strong Sativa strain testing between 64%-70% is cultivated with the highest possible terpenes, making this vape is full of citrus and peppery notes.

Lemonberry Haze by Avana

This smooth strain is a great Sativa option for Pax fans. Testing between 65%-71%, Avana’s Lemonberry haze is as flavorful as it sounds with terpenes providing strong notes of both lemon and berry.

CBD Vapes and Carts

Relief by Spherex

If potency isn’t your top priority and CBD is your thing, then this Pax Pod is a dream come true! With a 1:1 THC-CBD ratio between 39%-44%, Relief by Spherex is a great option for a very smooth and balanced high.

Learn about these strains and more by talking to one of our knowledgeable budtenders at your local Buzzed Buds dispensary in Pickering, Uxbridge, Woodview and Ottawa or by browsing our menu of buds online.




To consume cannabis in Ontario you must be over the age of 19.